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The Prairie Corridor presents a unique opportunity to develop diverse, resilient species-rich habitat in urban-rural fringe area. Realizing the vision of the Prairie Corridor will maintain and enhance ecological integrity, biological diversity, and high quality water resources.

Photo courtesy of Michael Forsberg

The approximately 7,400-acre Corridor will assist in supporting species that have struggled for survival due to habitat fragmentation, including avian species and many pollinators, assisting the nation in recovering from the alarming pollinator losses over the past few decades. Goals for the Prairie Corridor include preserving and enhancing over 3,400 acres of existing native prairie and native seeding areas, and re-establishing tallgrass prairie on over 1,900 acres in the corridor.

Photo courtesy of Britton Bailey

In addition to tallgrass prairie, riparian stream corridors, freshwater wetlands and saline wetlands within the corridor provide unique habitat, supporting a variety of plant and insect species. The Corridor will also preserve and enhance over 30 acres of Eastern Saline Wetlands and will enhance woodland habitat along stream corridors.