trail2whiteLincoln enjoys a rich legacy of linear parks, trails and greenways with over 157 miles of trails in the Lincoln area. Many trails are along waterways or former railroads, and several trails make important connections between Lincoln and rural areas of the county. There is remarkable community support for our trails, as demonstrated by the tremendous contributions of the Great Plains Trails Network and the Nebraska Trails Foundation.

The Prairie Corridor trail will be part of this interconnected network of recreational and commuter trails for the Lincoln area. The approximately 10 mile trail will meander along the Haines Branch of Salt Creek through the Prairie Corridor, beginning in Pioneers Park, extending southwest to loop through the Village of Denton, and ultimately connecting with the Spring Creek Prairie Audubon Center on the south end of the Corridor. From the Pioneers Park Nature Center, it will be about a 20-mile round-trip ride down to the Spring Creek Prairie Audubon Center. An additional 1½ segment will take riders west to the Conestoga Lake State Recreation Area. On the east end, the Prairie Corridor trail will connect to the City’s trail network via the Bison Trail.

The trail is a key component of economic opportunity and ecotourism, as it will allow people to immerse themselves in the tallgrass prairie to experience this unique attraction and to make connections between these important resources. The 20-mile roundtrip trail ride will encourage visitors to stay another day in Lincoln and bring them through rural towns like the Village of Denton.