The Lincoln Parks and Recreation Department serves as the lead agency for the Prairie Corridor Partnership, bringing together more than 30 partnering organizations and individuals. In 2019, the Lincoln Parks and Recreation Department was awarded its third $900,000 grant from the Nebraska Environmental Trust for the project.  In addition, the partnership has contributed significant cash and in-kind matching funds to the project, which brings the current total of committed funding to $7 million. Primary partners include:

Prairie Corridor Cabinet

Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.

The Parks Foundation has convened a group of nineteen community leaders who share the vision for the Haines Branch Prairie Corridor project.  This Prairie Corridor Cabinet includes businesspeople, community volunteers, philanthropists, and others.  The Cabinet will assist in fundraising, community engagement, and other aspects of the project as it moves forward.

Cabinet Members

  • Chris Beutler, Co-Chair
  • Mike Forsberg, Co-Chair
  • Dick Campbell
  • Brad Crain
  • Michael Farrell
  • Doug Ganz
  • Eric Gerrard
  • Tom  Henning
  • Glenn Johnson
  • Mari Lane Gewecke
  • Michelle Paulk
  • Sarah Peetz
  • Jane Raybould
  • Cathy Rustermier
  • Ray Stevens
  • Art Thompson
  • Sändra Washington
  • Marie Woodhead, representing Congressman Fortenberry
  • John Woollam

Michael Forsberg, Co-Chair

Michael Forsberg is a Nebraska native whose 20-year career as a photographer and conservationist has been dedicated to wildlife and conservation stories in North America’s Great Plains, once one of the greatest grassland ecosystems on Earth. His images have been featured in publications including AudubonNational GeographicNature Conservancy, and Outdoor Photographer magazines. His fine art prints are in public and private collections, and his solo exhibitions have traveled nationwide.



    A journal of integrative science for resilience and sustainability
    Title: Capturing change: the duality of time-lapse imagery to acquire data and depict ecological dynamics
    Authors: Emma Brinley Buckley, Craig Allen, Michael Forsberg, Michael Farrell, Andrew Caven